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  • Isolette ® - the jalousie insulating glass

    A multi-functional glass for modern architecture

    The Isolette® is an insulating glass unit with built-in blinds. The blind is built into the hermetically closed space between the panes (SZR) and is driven by motor or manually. It can only be rotated and turned or raised and lowered, depending on the requirements.

    In a construction part the multi-functional glass Isolette® takes over the functions of shading, glare protection and daylight control. It makes a significant contribution to a balanced air-conditioning and day lighting in office buildings and private buildings. Incorporated into an electronic building management system the Isolette® automatically ensures optimal and individually identifiable climatic conditions.

    The Isolette® works on all windows and door systems for indoor and outdoor use. It is the optimal solution for industrial, office and administration buildings, public buildings, schools and hospitals, and private for housing.

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